An Exceptional Dining Experience

Promise Mediterranean Food in Monmouth, OR is a small, locally-owned family businesses dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable dining. Serving falafel platters, gyro sandwiches, and much more, we are a favorite with students and families alike.


This place is KILLER! The first time we went through were out of gyro meat, so they subbed in lamb and it was so good! And the price is good too! The next time we went I got to try the gyro meat and it is NEXT LEVEL! SO INCREDIBLE! The quality combined with the price point has made this my new favorite spot in town.” ~ Seth Cole

“Loved it! The food was great – had the gyro sandwich, which was overflowing with tasty meat. Definitely will be going back! Great job, Promise!!” ~ Dianna Schurr McDiarmid

The chicken shawarma was amazing! The baba ghanoush was really good too!” ~ Anna Cottom

The Lamb shawarma is delicious. I had it last Sunday.” ~ Clare Fisher

Yum! I tried the gyro and baba ghanoush. Loved it! ~ Lori Peterson